Lifelike human/machine dialogs

Natural language processing solutions with dialog, vision and voice capabilities to deliver real-life multimodal human-machine conversations.

Lifelike human-machine conversational systems

Cutting edge technology for Conversational Systems

Reliable, natural and private dialog solutions.

The problem

The usability of technology is restricted and impeded, particularly in real-life environments, due to limited capabilities of these technologies for interacting with humans. This situation results in loss of productivity, increased dissatisfaction, and stressful environments for humans.

The solution

We are addressing this problem by creating multimodal conversational software applications that facilitate functional and robust interactions between humans and machines in real-life environments. Our solutions are designed to deliver tangible and measurable benefits to people’s daily lives, including productivity and efficiency, improved health and safety, and overall increase in their quality of life.

DiViVo Conversational Multimodal Engine

DiViVo: multimodal conversational engine

Our proprietary NLP engine with Dialog, Vision and Voice capabilities, allows to create unparalleled real-life human-machine multimodal dialog solutions.

Voice and vision multimodal conversations

No rehashed chatbot engine. Voice and vision are a premise for DiViVo, not an afterthought.

Cloud-free deployment with full privacy

Cloud-free deployment with full privacy

DiViVo can run on premises, uploading no content to the cloud.

Dialogues optimized for reliability

Factually correct, bias-free conversations. We use deep learning models to maximize performance and naturalness while minimizing the risk of inaccurate and inappropriate system outputs.

Robustness under uncertainty and noisy conditions

Robustness under uncertainty and noisy conditions

DiViVo is robust against background noise, user disfluencies and other communication breakdowns and challenges frequent in human-to-human conversations.

Multiplatform, developer-friendly engine

DiViVo comes with an IDE that let programmers develop their dialogue application in their language of choice.

Emotionally aware conversations

Emotionally aware conversations

DiViVo makes use of voice and visual cues to align emotionally with the user, resulting in empathic communications.

Bringing human and machine together in real-life

By standing at the forefront of Natural Language Processing we are today delivering state-of-the-art mulitmodal conversational solutions helping our clients to drive growth, enhance productivity, improve efficiency and safety.

Haru the Social Robot

Honda Research Institute Japan

Haru is a new kind of robotic being designed to create meaningful connections with people.

Research and development is still ongoing, but Haru has already shown promising results in several areas, such as co-existence with humans through human-robot companionship, new forms of communication, and as a point of collaboration between humans and social robots. Haru’s capacity for empathy would make it an ideal companion, living and working alongside humans.

Learn more about Haru’s project here.

Amanda Voice Assistant for Industry 4.0


Amanda is an award winning intelligent voice assistant for Industry 4.0 designed to work in noisy conditions.

Amanda integrates with various Airbus IT systems, allowing employees to perform a variety of actions and queries using human natural language. It is being developed with Airbus, IBM and Cisco.

Check out Amanda’s press releases.

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Human-machine multimodal dialogs

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