Di alog, Vi sion and Vo ice
Conversational Engine

Cutting edge technology for conversational systems

Truly multimodal conversational engine

DiViVo is our proprietary Human-Machine Interaction platform with Dialog, Vision and Voice capabilities that allows unparalleled real-life multimodal dialog solutions.

Features that make a difference

Differentiators that set DiViVo appart from other conversational systems.

Voice and vision multimodal conversations

No rehashed chatbot engine. Voice and vision are a premise for DiViVo, not an afterthought.

Cloud-free deployment with full privacy

Cloud-free deployment with full privacy

DiViVo can run on premises, uploading no content to the cloud.

Dialogues optimized for reliability

Factually correct, bias-free conversations. We use deep learning models to maximize performance and naturalness while minimizing the risk of inaccurate and inappropriate system outputs.
Robustness under uncertainty and noisy conditions

Robustness under uncertainty and noisy conditions

DiViVo is robust against background noise, user disfluencies and other communication breakdowns and challenges frequent in human-to-human conversations.

Multiplatform, developer-friendly engine

DiViVo comes with an IDE that let programmers develop their dialogue application in their language of choice.

Emotionally aware conversations

Emotionally aware conversations

DiViVo makes use of voice and visual cues to align emotionally with the user, resulting in empathic communications.

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